Surf-N-Turf Lacrosse Tournament

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Tournament Details

August 19-21 2011

Joe Moakley Park, William J Day Boulevard, South Boston, MA

Any Adult Men's or Women's Lacrosse Team. 18+

Team Entry Fee
Men's Divisions $1100
Women's Division $900

Registration Deadlines

Insuring your spot within a division will be based upon receipt of Team Registration
Form and Non-Refundable Deposit (1/2 total registration fee).
Deposit is due on or before July 25, 2011.
Final payment along with Team Roster is due & payable no later than
August 19, 2011.

Players can register online at
Click the division tab and then click either men's surf n turf or women's surf n turf,
enter the team name you will play for.
Once directed to paypal close out you are registered.
Any issues with online registration email
or call 617.592.7732.

Registration & Check-In

All teams are required to have a completed roster with players’ names
turned in by August 19, 2011. At check in, a waiver must be signed by every
individual team member if not done so already.
Please check in at least one hour before your first scheduled game.

Insurance Requirements

1. Provide proof of general liability certificate of insurance for the entire team, naming
CroART Lacrosse as additional insured.

2. Each player fill out and provide personal insurance info form and turn in before first game.





• Games start at 5pm field is open all day so if players want to get there early and stretch or throw around feel free to do so

• Pig Roast 6pm to 9pm Invite family and friends to this gathering

• Telegraph Hill on Dorchester Street will host players who want to hang out casually on Friday night

• Games end at 11pm


• Games Start at 9am

• Vendor Village opens 11am

• Games end at 8pm

Dine Around at Select Restaurants begins at 8pm. Fine establishments like
Stellla, Jerry Remy’s Fenway, Symphony 8, Mija, Scholars, and Church to name a few

Tournament Party at Scholars Boston on School Street with DJ Nestle Quick
along with Reggae Band Danny Tucker & Vibe Tribe
Feel free to invite family and friends


Men’s Playoffs 10am and 11am

Women’s Final 12 noon

Men’s Final 1pm

Dine Around Accounts and Assignments

Rip It Lacrosse, Team Breakaway, Meaty Ballas, One Love Lax, Boomerangs


North Shore, Lady Punch, Boston Punch, Budmen


Rippin Ducks

Telegraph Hill

Team USO, stag beatles, Croart 19, mush puppies, team grown men


Mighty Ducks, Lady Ducks, Backyard Bulldogs, Clam Yodelers,
Mustangs, Quick Sticks

Symphony 8

Cohwell, Freedom Fighters, Fat Rhinos

Jerry Remys

Prink Flamingos, CroART, Yacht Club


Megacrabs, Watts Grande


Ligas, Kicking it for Cam, New Englands Finest




General Rules for Men and Women:

The Surf N Turf Tournament will adhere to Club and a version of  NCAA Rules. Players are required to use their best judgment during play with regards to checking and physical contact. Intentional bodily harm and violence will not be tolerated and may result in immediate ejection from the tournament. Flagrant use of force and intent to injure will not be tolerated. Players failing to adhere to this policy will be penalized and face possible expulsion from the SNTT.

All players including goalie must wear team issued jersey, any player failing to do so will be asked to leave the field. If the player does not leave the field immediately a one minute non releasable delay of game penalty will be called.

All teams must have a minimum of 8 players to avoid a forfeit. If a team cannot field a goalie for a scheduled game, the team will be permitted to use a substitute.

In case of a forfeit, team with most players will win, goals will be added up and divided by the amount of games played for an average. That score will be recorded for the game.

Winning teams Captain are responsible for reporting scores to the registration/check in table. This should be done after the game. Any dispute in scores, score recorded by officials and SNT staff members at the field will be used.

Mens Rules:

All games are 10 vs 10 format

20 seconds to clear, from time you take ball from defensive zone to touching inside the offensive zone.

Only "on the fly" substitutions are permitted.

Only four (4) poles allowed on the field.

Each team will be awarded 1 timeout per half (no timeouts can be used under two minutes to run out clock time, a penalty of 30 sec with loss of possession will be given to a team that violates this rule)

All penalties will be served by using running time.

Penalties are releasable after goal, we will not lock in (unless for unsportsmanlike or referees deem lock in should occur).

Team with lead under 2 minutes must keep the ball in their offensive zone(defined as box).

Play will continue when flag goes down. Only when defensive team controls the ball or the ball goes out of bounds will play stop. Offensive zone/box will count as out of bounds.

All games will consist of two 25 minute halves, running time.

All goalies must be equipped with a chest protector and throat guard, no exceptions.

If a game ends in a tie, there will be no overtime both teams will be awarded a tie for the game.
Playoffs and Finals on Sunday will be 10 minute sudden death and will play until a winner is declared.

The Money Game: The top 4 teams from the field of 14 will play a four team playoff. Rankings will be by record (wins, losses) and goal differential. In case of a tie, tie breaker will be goals scored.


Womens Rules:

All games are 12 vs 12 format but can be done as 7 vs 7 if needed.

30 yard line restraining rule is in effect 4 players must stay back at all times.

When a whistle blows, all players must stop in place. When a ball is ruled out of play, the player closest to the ball gets possession when play is resumed. Loss of possession may occur if a player deliberately runs or throws the ball out of play.

Field players may pass, catch or run with the ball in their crosse. A player may gain possession of the ball by dislodging it from an opponent's crosse with a check. A check is a controlled tap with a crosse on an opponent's crosse in an attempt to knock the ball free.

The player must be one step in front of her opponent in order to check. No player may reach across an opponent's body to check the handle of a crosse when she is even with or behind that opponent. A player may not protect the ball in her crosse by cradling so close to her body or face so as to make a legal, safe check impossible for the opponent.

All legal checks must be directed away from a seven-inch sphere or ""bubble"" around the head of the player. No player is allowed to touch the ball with her hands except the goalkeeper when she is within the goal circle. A change of possession may occur if a player gains a distinct advantage by playing the ball off her body. Rough checks, and contact to the body with the crosse or body, are not allowed.

Fouls are categorized as major or minor, and the penalty for fouls is a free position. For major fouls, the offending player is placed four meters behind the player taking the free position. For a minor foul, the offending player is placed four meters off, in the direction from which she approached her opponent before committing the foul, and play is resumed. When a minor foul is committed in the critical scoring area, the player with the ball has an indirect free position, in which case the player must pass first.

A slow whistle occurs when the offense has entered the critical scoring area and the defense has committed a major foul. A flag is thrown but no whistle is sounded so that the offense has an opportunity to score a goal. A whistle is blown when a goal is scored or the scoring opportunity is over. An immediate whistle is blown when a major foul, obstruction or shooting space occurs, which jeopardizes the safety of a player.

All players are asked to wear but not made to wear all required equipment as stated by NCAA Lacrosse Rules. Unless under the age of 21. Goggles/Eye Protection is optional. If under the age of 21 goggles are mandatory. All goalies must be equipped with all required padding no exceptions.

All teams must have a minimum of 8 players to avoid a forfeit unless we go to 7vs7 format. If a team cannot field a goalie for a scheduled game, the team will be permitted to use a substitute. However, the substitute goalie must be a registered player.

All games will consist of two 25 minute, running halves. Five minute break for halftime.

Only "on the fly" substitutions are permitted.

Each team will be awarded 1 timeout per half (timeout can not be used with under two minutes left in game). If a game ends in a tie, there will be no overtime both teams will be awarded a tie for the game. Finals on Sunday will be 10 minute sudden death and will play until a winner is declared.


The Money Game:

In order to make it to the Finals you must place 1st or 2nd after the final games on Saturday. Teams will be ranked by wins, losses and goal differential. In the event of a tie, the team with fewest goals allowed will be declared the winner.



As tournament organizers we are not associated with any hotel in particular.
However, there are hotels in the area for all price ranges, locations, styles, and amenities. 
Below you will see a list of hotels we recommend.

Double Tree Bayside (Walking Distance to the fields)
236 Mount Vernon Street
Dorchester, MA
Phone: (617) 822-1869
Website :

Courtyard by Marriott – Boston (Close to Downtown Boston and Fields)
63R Boston Street
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 436-8200
Website :

Holiday Inn Express (Close to Downtown Boston and Fields)
69 Boston Street
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 288-3030
Website :

Comfort Inn Boston (Close to Fields)
900 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 287-9200
Website :

Renaissance Waterfront Hotel (Close to Downtown Boston)
606 Congress Street
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 338-4111
Website :

Seaport Hotel at World Trade Center (Close to Downtown Boston)
One Seaport Lane
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 385-4000
Website :

Westin Boston Waterfront (Close to Downtown Boston)
425 Summer Street
South Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 532-4600
Website :



Closets Hospital
Boston Medical Center
One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA

Emergency Phone: (617) 638-8000 
Ambulance Service

Boston EMS: (617) 343-2367


Trainer Kelsey Steube will be onsite for the weekend. She is not there to tape ankles.
She is there for serious issues, have your players bring ankle or wrist bracelets and any other items they will need to play this weekend. We request that any players with medical conditions check in with Kelsey and the scorers tables when you play so we know where they are at all times. Following conditions (not limited to) Asthma, Allergies that require and epi pen, Type I diabetes, Seizure disorder, heart condition, Serious injury prior to tournament.



Important Dates

Forms and Fees: Deposit of half the tournament fees will be required along with a completed team application.
The tournament fee must be submitted in full no later than July 25, 2011 to be considered for participation in the Tournament;
Teams failing to comply will not be considered for participation and will lose their deposit.

August 19, 2011: 12:00pm sharp, play begins for all Divisions on all four fields!

August 19, 2011: All teams must submit their completed roster before start of first game.


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